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2009-01-25 17:02:43 by randy-the-bum

hey guys this isnt my collab but we sure do need way moree ppl to join so if you want to join click the link

all the info for the collab is in the link ic.php?t=3901

God of war vs Gears of war GOW VS GOW

2009-01-11 12:02:15 by randy-the-bum

i was a big fan of god of war and ever since gears of war came out I've wanted to play that so i finally did. and then i got this idea. i was like wow ...god of war vs gears of war so i started making a flash about it here's a screen shot

God of war vs Gears of war  GOW VS GOW

new animation

2008-10-27 22:04:48 by randy-the-bum

its probably my fourth madness flash's.....but I'm pretty proud of it take a look